The Story of Toothfairy Island

At the beginning of time which was a very, very long time ago there were beautiful deserts, mountains, streams, lakes, meadows, fields, flowers covering the earth, but very few people to take care of them. It was the job of the fairies and their pixie and sprite friends to take care of the earth until the human family grew larger. Flower fairies, stream fairies, tree fairies, and even weed fairies help keep the world oh so lovely.

When people settled into new areas most of the fairies moved back into their fairy homes to allow the humans space to build their homes and farm the fields. The fairies stayed close so they could sometimes quietly and secretly help the people when it was needed. Fairies love to help humans whenever they can.

The one group of fairies that still lived among humans was the Rainbow fairies. It was necessary for them to live in all parts of the world because their job was one the humans could not do, move rainbows in and out of the sky after storms. Humans can not fly so Rainbow fairies will always live among and around humans.

Washing, polishing, storing and then moving rainbows into position after a storm is a lot of work. Rainbow fairies still had a lot of free time at night because rainbows can only be seen during the day. The Rainbow fairies started watching over families with children. They saw that some of the children were in pain because of their teeth. They tried to cheer them up by sending them tiny rainbows to shine in their rooms, but they knew this did not stop their pain. They also saw that the children lost their teeth at a certain age. This was a surprise to the fairies since they never have painful teeth or lose them. They decided to collect the children’s teeth to see what caused their pain.

One day their friend El Raton from Mexico showed up with a tooth that had a large black hole in it. He said that his cousin in Italy, Topino had also collected a child’s tooth like that. El Raton knew the Rainbow fairies were collecting children’s teeth, and he thought maybe this tooth could help them solve the mystery of the children’s pain. The Rainbow fairies, pixies, sprites, and animal friends met together and studied the tooth El Raton had brought, as well as all the teeth they had collected. They discovered there were small and large black holes in many of the teeth. They also realized their tooth collection was getting quite large.

After much discussion they decided that they needed a special place where they could keep the teeth so they could be studied. One of the fairies reminded them of a special place known only to the Rainbow fairies. In this very secret place they could build a research lab to store and study the teeth. They could also invite doctors, dentists, and scientists to help them find ways to help children have better oral and overall health. It was decided that day that the fish, animal friends, sprites, pixies and Rainbow fairies would collect children’s teeth and take them to an island they named Toothfairy Island.

Next month come back and find out where Toothfairy Island is located and how one can visit Toothfairy Island.

Toothfairy Island