...through the eyes of a child, I'm not sure they're going to even know that they were being educated. Watch video testimonial

Richard Mungo DDS, MSD, MEd
Pediatric Dentistry

My son recently had a visitor to his school where the children were shown the Toothfairy Island DVD. He is desperate for me to buy it for him. He also keeps telling everyone how beautiful the fairy is, so we are intrigued... and he keeps talking about the rainbow. It's obviously had a real impression on him.

Tanya Lewis

We appreciate the hard work from the National Children's Oral Health Foundation and look forward to developing our affiliation. The Toothfairy Island curriculum and other materials is helping improve children's oral health and making an impact in our community.

Judith R. Chin, DDS, MS
Associate Professor,
Indiana University School of Dentistry

The Toothfairy Island educational curriculum has been a valuable tool for our organization and many collaborative partners. Words alone cannot demonstrate how wonderful this program is. Teachers, administrators and numerous community partners consistently compliment us on the innovative, fun and interactive program. Most importantly, we are demonstrating many positive oral health outcomes!

Debi Diaz, Executive Director 
Community Oral Health Services 
Salinas, California

The NCOHF Tooth Fairy Lesson plans are being used in three Chicago Public Schools this year. The lessons are more vibrant and engaging as a result of it.

Dr. Caswell A. Evans 
Community Oral Health Services 
University of Illinois, Chicago

The educational material that NCOHF sent to us really gets the attention of the pre-school aged children, and they actually retain what they are learning about brushing their teeth. In turn, this is helping to decrease caries and increase good oral hygiene at a very young age.

Brandi Parris, Program Director 
Sarrell Regional Dental Center

The Gary Center Dental Clinic Board of Directors and staff thank you for your contribution to our Program which, in turn, helps change lives for the better. Through your support, we can continue to offer dental services and education so vitally needed by children and adults. Your support is appreciated more than works can express, allowing us to continue helping families in need because every child deserves a healthysmile.

Martha Lester, Executive Director 
The Gary Center, La Habra, CA

While money is good, our partnership with NCOHF is worth more than money. The quality of the education packets is worth so much; we have used them over and over. Your advice and product donations are valuable, as well. It has been a great experience working with you. Thanks.

Cindy Goodwin, RN
Clinical Coordinator Community Outreach